Working Women Success: Practices and Recommendations

The success of a working woman has different dimensions. On the one hand, it is a success for her in her professional and practical life, but, on the other hand, it is a success in her personal life. For what is the point of one succeeding on one side and ruining the other?!

In addition, the success of working women is not achieved without overcoming many obstacles and challenges, the most prominent of which is the idea of multitasking; As working women find themselves pulled in multiple directions, there is work and home, and many things in between, with diverse roles; Like being a mother, an entrepreneur, or a leader.

This means that women face different challenges on the home and work fronts, and try to be the best at both.

Research conducted by Thomson Reuters and the Rockefeller Foundation in 2015 recorded major challenges faced by women in the global workforce. Degrees of leadership, and work-life balance. For these reasons combined, the success of the working woman is a unique event. Because a woman who succeeds in both her professional and practical life has overcome all these obstacles and many more.

Entrepreneurship KSA monitors some practices that help the success of working women:

• Setting goals

Defining the goal is very important. Rather, it is a major condition for success in general, not the success of the working woman. He who does not set his goals cannot reach them, nor achieve anything at all. The important thing is to know first where you want to go, and then the path will become clear on its own.

Realism in determining success is the key to achieving the success of working women. Successful women have a habit of setting goals regularly, and they have a methodical approach to putting in a lot of hard work to make their goals a reality.

• Empathy

The corporate world is a challenging place, and it is often difficult to achieve success for a working woman in this environment. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.

Successful women face unique challenges on the road to success and often find themselves under tremendous pressure to change themselves to fit the male-centered concept of leadership.

Feeling pressure can sometimes lead to giving up female leadership traits. such as kindness and empathy, which are often seen as weaknesses in a male-dominated corporate environment.

However, the most successful women remain true to themselves and demonstrate the unique leadership qualities they can bring to the organization. They are sympathetic, and pressure does not push them to practice some of the leadership mistakes that male leaders might fall into if they are put under pressure.

• Continuous learning

Continuing education is a major condition for success. Successful women are reconciled with the fact that they do not know everything about everything, which is what drives them to learn and hone their skills constantly.

Women who succeed in life usually educate themselves, in order to move forward. No matter which industry you choose, change is inevitable. Successful women understand the need to stay educated and grow as they advance in their fields.

• Effective communication

A woman does not work on an isolated island; Therefore, effective communication is one of the important steps that work towards achieving the success of working women. Rather, successful women are those who are able to communicate efficiently and effectively.

they are sure of themselves; so you bet they speak up when needed, and show the courage to make a difference, or put forward an alternative vision.

The most successful women are often not the most experienced, but they have the gift of communication that opens doors and gives them influence.

• Sports and interest in health

The success of a working woman is not limited to work practices only, but rather this success requires an integrated lifestyle, and therefore you see successful women who practice sports or yoga; They are convinced that these sports practices help them fight negative diseases that can occur if they allow themselves to be consumed at work.

Some women consider exercise time to be exactly equal to work time. This makes yoga classes a very fulfilling experience. Knowing when to stop and take care of yourself is the hallmark of a successful woman.

• Building relationships

The success of the working woman is not achieved in isolation; Successful women build their network constantly and are never afraid to build alliances with like-minded individuals.

Successful women will continually push themselves out of their comfort zone, to move forward, to interact and meet a variety of individuals in both work and personal life.

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