Women’s management… Rigorous leadership & sound decisions

By: Lamia Hassan

Management of institutions or companies of different sizes is characterized by the right person, who happens to be a woman, making the right decisions. There is no room for emotions in this difficult task, and there is no room for retreat either.

Leadership positions require women to deal with arduous situations that can either create an extraordinary path that defines their career path or eliminate it and then start from scratch.

Here, there is a question that may appear on the surface … Can female management strategies achieve the desired success?

It is only through the practical history of major international companies that we can answer this question adequately.

Since model companies established in the past decades have shown us the success of seeking the wisdom and support of women in key leadership positions, and their innovative ideas that can take large institutions to the summit of success, and help smaller ones to grow professionally.

The success of female management

The world of female entrepreneurs is full of distinctive examples of the success of female management, starting with Jacqueline Mars who proved that the ongoing success of the “Mars” brand did not come out of nowhere.

In Google’s case, despite the pioneering approach of its creators, Mars was the beating heart of a new era of success
Psychology can confirm that women, in particular, are subject to many psychological pressures. This causes them to either be stimulated by their enthusiasm or easily lose their practical passion.

But the woman falls in the latter under the category of mankind, whose possibility of thinking, feeling, or motives cannot be determined according to science itself.

We can only shed light on the discrimination she faces by looking at what she is doing at work, because there is no more room for error, and perhaps the orientation towards women can only be achieved through her accomplishments, as all the slogans that support her don’t provide her with sufficient opportunities to succeed. Either at home or at work.

There have also been increasing examples in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of women being one of the most important influencers in the world. These women are Her Royal Highness Princess Rima Bint Bandar through Ghada Al-Mutairi, Sarah Al-Suhaimi, Hayat Sindi, and a whole host of others.

All that female management requires to support its success is to have the same qualities as an ideal leader, who can put his emotions aside – many work with women as if they are subject to emotional blackmail all the time.

Therefore, hard work, strict decisions, and knowledge of right from wrong are considered insights in and of themselves that a good leader enjoys, regardless of his type.

It appears, in many countries around the world, that women, regardless of how successful they are, or where they stand on the career ladder, endure unequal salaries, or remain on the career ladder to some extent, as if they wouldn’t bother claiming their rights.

It is sometimes seen as a tool that can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without getting tired because it is the leader at work, the housekeeper, and an active member of every person’s life.

Because it is an asset to be exploited optimally, and unfortunately, it sometimes is. by another woman in a higher management position.

As a result, women know what they can offer at work, and in this case, we are either offered the option of Jacqueline Mars, who integrated vacations into Google for the working mother, or, on the contrary, they can proceed with practical exploitation, and do justice to the man even if he doesn’t do well at work.

We cannot predict the possibility of women’s management succeeding, in light of the barriers created by circumstances – although we will not try to elaborate on this matter – but we find Arab and international models that encourage women’s leadership and enable them to work.

Women are indeed able to manage a large team without discrimination and work to coordinate among them with affection at times, and rigor at other times if necessary.

Finally, it must be emphasized that women’s management at work can achieve miracles. As a working woman who seeks to prove her abilities, skills, and strengths, there are no barriers that she cannot overcome, thanks to her ambition and belief in creative ideas that can help companies or institutions achieve their goals.

If you are one of those employers with advanced visions, who have decided to assign administrative tasks to women, you should now work to overcome the obstacles faced by them and aid the woman in her work. The results will amaze you.

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