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Women Entrepreneurs in the Kingdom: A movement that contributes to the development of the nation

The Kingdom is moving steadily towards achieving the aspirations of its people, under the leadership of a rational government that plans for the future with ambition that places it among the developed countries. As it seeks to advance all economic sectors, benefit from the available capabilities in the field of investment and business practice, and rely on sound and scientific planning, by focusing on the human element as the best resource.

The Saudi woman had the opportunity to present what contributes to the reconstruction of her homeland. After the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques provided the required support economically, socially and legally, women found themselves facing a new challenge, after the doors of participation in all fields were opened for them. It proved its competence and ability to give distinguished giving when it was entrusted with tasks in the field of legislation, implementation and planning.

Women’s month

The month of March every year witnesses an international celebration of International Women’s Day, bearing in mind that Saudi Arabia pays unique attention to all female entrepreneurs in the Kingdom. As the models of Saudi women entrepreneurs who appeared during the past years were too many to be counted.

On this occasion, we shed light on the most important advice of successful female entrepreneurs in the fields of marketing, management and leadership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who left an imprint on the pages of our magazine previously through distinguished dialogues, in which they put their experience and passion for success in what inspires many. Therefore, we review together the most important tips from them.

Pay attention to the first steps

Joanna Talal said; Tech expert and digital marketer: “Do not ignore the initial steps in creating campaigns. Set clear goals and ways to track and measure the extent to which you have achieved the goal. Without that, you will be like the one who builds a house without a building plan, and without designing the final form.

She added, “In the beginning, you will need to do many marketing experiments, before achieving remarkable success. Do not despair from the first campaign, and always be learning and exploring. To find out the reasons for the failure and success of your campaigns, and what you can improve in the coming times.

And she emphasized: “Start with the lowest costs and try to distribute them to several campaigns. Do not put months of effort into one campaign, so do not benefit from its results. Rather, diversify campaigns to increase the chances of success of one of them.”

And she concluded, saying: “Do not forget that there are marketing campaigns that you can create, and marketing is not only paid ads, but most of all, it is measuring and tracking your campaigns, and writing conclusions after each campaign; to remain in your marketing archive; Thus improving and increasing the chances of success of your future campaigns.

Learning is the key to success

For her part, Arwa Shafi said; Accelerator Lead of Takadum Startup, affiliated with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST): “We live in a thriving era for entrepreneurship, whether in terms of the availability of services or support programs, and even laws and policies, especially for women entrepreneurs. Because the focus on them is great, and the opportunity for them is higher. Whether from programs designated for them, or even comprehensive programs.

She added, “Research, read, and learn before you start, after you start, and throughout your journey; Learning and continuous development are the most important key to the success of startups, God willing.”

Skills Development

In turn, Maryam Al-Qubaili said; Self-development trainer: “Focus on the skills that you now have, and work on developing and developing them, and seek to acquire quick information and skills; This world is attacking us with its continuous development and change.

Rapid adaptation

Dr. Hanin Alsubaie, Founder / CEO of Darent explained that learning from mistakes and adapting quickly is among the most important qualities of a successful entrepreneur. Certainly, the Kingdom’s support for women is enormous. It received the attention and care of wise leadership.

Women occupy the highest positions

Hissah AlSaffar said; A member of the Saudi Green Buildings Forum: “I do not see the world of working women governed by a specific job or specialization, but rather women occupy the highest leadership positions in the world. United Nations statistics during the year 2021 indicate several women who held the positions of minister, judge, and scientist. In 14 A country in which 50% or more women occupy ministerial councils.

When I talk about Saudi women, I confirm that they are now the focus of everyone’s attention. Especially leadership and investment positions. And I see that the state’s economy made a quantum leap after Saudi women entered the labor market, and the radical change in local economic figures gave a sublime message that Saudi women have a lot within the wheel of local economic development.

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