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Why has digital transformation become the backbone of companies?

After the outbreak of the Corona epidemic “Covid 19”, the number of visits to e-commerce platforms increased in 2020 by 162% year-on-year in America, according to statistics from Rakuten Intelligence.

In light of this great trend toward the Internet; Companies had to respond to these changes by evolving their science model, and integrating digital transformation into some of their operations in response.

One of the models that succeeded in achieving this transformation is the Wal-Mart chain, which established an online store, to order products to be delivered to the door of the house, following the spread of the Corona epidemic.

The supermarket chain has created the “Voice Ordering” feature, so customers can order through the use of voice programs, such as Google Home; This made the ordering process a lot easier for them.

As a result, the chain’s app became the most downloaded app in America, outperforming Amazon by 20%; According to Tech Chrunch. On the other hand, chain sales grew by 8.4% during the second quarter of 2020; to reach $152.8 billion, compared to $141 billion in the same period in 2019.

The digital transformation was not only for global companies; We also have Egyptian and Arab models that have succeeded in implementing digital transformation, for example, Carrefour; which established an online store to order products “online” to be able to compete in the online retail market after the Corona crisis.

These and other examples confirm that digital transformation has become the backbone of companies at present in 2022; Because it brings them many benefits, including:

1) Increase employee productivity, and reduce labor costs.

2) It improves companies’ ability to collect and analyze data, as well as keep all company data secure through cyber security.
3) It helps companies to ease business management; By facilitating the distribution of tasks, and monitoring workflow through electronic systems; During the Corona crisis, many companies implemented systems to track employee performance at home; To maintain productivity.

4) Open space for creativity and innovation in how to provide services to customers, and to use modern customer service systems; such As a chatbot system that has made it easier for companies to do a lot of customer service jobs.

5) It helps companies to quickly reach large numbers of the audience on the Internet, especially after the number of buyers on the Internet exceeded two billion people in 2022; Compared to only one and a half billion people in 2019, according to statistics.

Digital transformation is not limited to companies in the fields of e-commerce only; It also includes many areas, including (business – health – education – insurance – financial services – manufacturing) and others.

As an example, CRM applications help companies in various sectors to save and record customer data, and how they interact with the company; Which contributes to improving operational efficiency and increasing sales.

The detailed reports extracted from the CRM program enable companies to make the right decisions in record time.

In the end, regardless of the size of the company, or the sector in which it operates, digital transformation is no longer an option, but rather an urgent necessity, to preserve the lives of companies today and tomorrow.

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