Turning an Idea into a Project: 7 Steps You Should Follow

By: Mohammed Al-Dosary

Persistent entrepreneurs can get periodic ideas, but these ideas may not all be valid for implementation on the ground.

Specific conditions must be met for the idea to become a project, starting from developing the idea from spoken words to practical actions; It becomes an opportunity that he spends most of his time on.

There are those who deliberately and deeply look for opportunities; Especially when there is a need to develop a new technology or skill, the pioneering opportunity may come through the process of identifying a problem and searching for a solution to it.

When the entrepreneur finds an opportunity, he/she must answer several questions that entrepreneurs usually have; Centered around: Is it a good time to start a new business? Is the demand sufficient in the market? And what is the size of the market? And what is the profit margin? Are the resources sufficient?

 In addition to these conditions, as an entrepreneur, you should follow the following seven tips:

1- Always teach yourself, and do not stop at a certain scientific limit, but search every day for new information.

2- Start with what you love; Getting into entrepreneurship and creating a successful small business can take a long time; So in order not to get bored of work, choose what you like to do. 

3- Do not forget that whenever you face your fears, resist, and venture, you are on the right path.

4- Invest your time, do not let it pass in vain, and focus well; Success takes time; Don’t give up on investing your time well in your startup.

5- Determine your goals well, and develop a well-thought-out plan that is valid for implementation in your surrounding circumstances.   

6- Understand the market, and work in a field in which you have experienced, and have previous information about it.

7- Learn from your mistakes; It is the best foundation that makes you overcome obstacles to remain successful.

The reality is not so rosy, your project can hardly succeed even after applying these tips.

To creatively solve the problems you face, you should follow these steps:

  1. Clarify the problem:

The importance of clarification lies in realizing that there is a clear problem between the current situation and the desired situation, which becomes clear through communication with customers, developing its description, and reaching common solutions.

  1. Creating ideas

It includes detailing ideas, after collecting information related to the problem and solving each of them separately.

  1. Development

This step is essential to solving problems in a sophisticated rather than traditional manner, And that is from a group of innovative ideas that it collects in different periods.

  1. Execution

In it, the solution is put into a detailed test, initially evaluated, and then implemented on the ground.

  1. Review and Evaluate

You have to evaluate the final solution before adopting it, which is a very important step that many may not realize.

There is no doubt that Vision 2030 is concerned with the field of entrepreneurship, and strives to develop the ideas of innovators in various economic fields. Therefore, we present here honorable examples of Saudi entrepreneurs:

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