The Psychopathic Manager… Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing

No matter how some try to beautify the name to show the psychopathic manager in a suit that is less harmful and ugly than he/she appears, in terms of superficiality and lack of a sense of shame, including saying that he may be a victim of society when management falls into the hands of the psychopath, it negatively affects work personnel in general, after suffering the scourge of his way of dealing and his provocative and unacceptable style.

Hatred does not only extend to the psychopathic manager, but the entire team is in danger. This is because it may cause them some kind of profound physical or psychological harm, in the event of a heinous fit of anger, as confirmed by global studies.

Qualities of a Psychopathic Manager

The majority of managers who fall into the category of “psychopathy” ignore their employees.

They also work to downplay their importance to satisfy their ego. However, it is fundamentally different from the confrontation of a narcissistic manager. When it comes to psychopathy, a manager of this type is somewhat cowardly and may have a dangerous, harmful mentality, planning fraud.

He practices opportunistic behavior, enjoys hypocrisy, and masters flattery. He does this without feeling the slightest sense of shame for what he is doing. This may lead to him becoming hostile to society, distancing himself from social relations, and torturing others with his way of dealing.

Studies that deal with the life of the psychopath confirm that he is a victim in one way or another of emotional deprivation and cruel treatment in his childhood. This is reflected in the future, and he grows up in a culture of deception, betrayal, and fraud.

Management compensates for that suffering by turning all his actions and behaviors into a rudder. This is as if there is a lacking or defect in his person, which can only be cured by practicing the same harsh behaviors on others.

The psychopathic manager does not necessarily resort to violence, as it is in the dictionary of his life, but he practices it in different ways, through his arrogance, his exploitation of the efforts and achievements of others, or his mood swings, and many of them are distinguished by their superior ability to control their emotional stability and restrain themselves from committing any act. The employee may be punished as a result of the law, which drives him insane.

When they are dealing with him, they may give up their best natures, increase their frustration, increase their levels of stress, and negatively affect the general working environment.

The psychopathic manager does not set rules to abide by them, but rather sets them to force others to break them. Sometimes you find him friendly, and at other times he turns into a wild beast, which baffles the employees, so they don’t know how to deal with him.

How do you deal with this character?

And to get out of the predicament of dealing with the psychopathic manager, it takes a lot of intelligence not to fall into the trap of his endless tricks; And to get out of the situation, and be able to speak in front of him decently and not make mistakes.

You can respect his effort but not believe his stories; Because most psychopaths are filled with a lot of enthusiasm, as well as the strength to work, and decisively make fateful decisions, which is the only advantage they may have; But don’t be fooled by the sheep’s clothing, behind it lurks the treacherous wolf, who will overthrow you at the first opportunity.

To avoid his cunning fangs, or to take advantage of trickery like him, you must be highly skilled at all your tasks. This is because you, as a normal person, only care about the value of work and making efforts to do your finest.

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