The National Strategy for Human Capability Development and Tourism Competencies Development

The Saudi government has a growing interest in development; It has set many plans and programs, and put forward many initiatives in all fields; in order to achieve sustainable development goals.

Since human beings are the goal of development, the Kingdom’s government launched the Human Capability Development Program; One of the newly refreshed Vision 2030 programs. The program focuses on developing a solid educational base for all citizens to instill values from an early age while preparing the youth for the future local and global labor market.

It aims to achieve these goals through a plan that includes 89 initiatives; With the aim of achieving 16 strategic goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The strategy of the Kingdom’s government in the field of human resource development reflects the keenness of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to prepare and qualify the Saudi citizens through several strategic axes.

The most important of which are: upskilling citizens by providing lifelong learning opportunities, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship culture, and developing and activating policies and enablers to ensure KSA competitiveness.

The Kingdom’s government has also taken care of the strategic management of human resources and has designed sectoral programs to develop the human element.

Among these programs are tourism human capital development programs, as part of the Ministry of Tourism’s endeavors to launch the largest national strategy for capacity development and developing tourism competencies in the Kingdom.

It aims to prepare a workforce with the talent and ambition to support and drive the tourism sector regionally and globally is key to realising Vision 2030. This program demonstrates our commitment to empowering young people by providing them with the right skills, support and opportunities to shape the future of the tourism industry.

The tourism sector in Saudi Arabia is one of the most important sectors in the Kingdom, which is highly relied upon to support the Saudi economy and is witnessing rapid growth reflected in employment rates.

The direct jobs have reached about one million, and indirect jobs in the sector have increased to more than this number. This implied an increase in the workforce in Saudi Arabia; Specifically in the private sector, which requires empowering young people by providing them with the necessary skills and opportunities to pave the way for the future of the tourism sector.

The tourism skills program is designed to meet the needs of the current tourism labor market; by nurturing, developing and supporting talent in the industry. It seeks to spread a culture of professionalism, help nascent professionals gain the knowledge and qualifications needed to break into the industry, and support their success through the refinement of their skills. The program will help trainees to secure jobs within the sector, including seasonal, part-time, or full-time opportunities across the Kingdom. This in turn will help the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to emerging as a global player in the tourism sector.

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