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The Gifts of Imperfection… Rebellion Against Perfectionism

If you are a fan of self-development books, this book is definitely not for you; The Gifts of Imperfection book speaks to every different person in this strange world, who in turn wants to apply the same terms and conditions to all individuals, without concern for self-identity, uniqueness and originality.

Have you ever felt that you are different from everyone else? Did you get up early to stand in front of your mirror trying to identify yourself amid the crowds of your thoughts? Have you lost your way more than once when you tried to knock on the doors of ordinary thinking? Have you ever sunk into the quagmire of other people’s judgments while thinking you’re getting away from them?

Now we come to the most important questions; Namely: Have you found yourself lonely missing a sincere friend because of your differences? Did she revolt against the syndrome of a perfect life? Because of the diversity of your thoughts and opinions? If the answer is yes, then this book is definitely talking to you.

Of course, the category previously described—and I never try to judge anyone, or classify them according to anything—is emotionally prepared to read books, to hear the voice of their inner uniqueness before reading the lines of Brené Brown; Author of The Gifts of Imperfection and Professor of Research at the University of Houston.

This is what entrepreneurs are necessarily interested in; Because they have a lot of unique skills, which make each one of them different from the other.

Originality in The Gifts of Imperfection

The book reminds us of Mark Zuckerberg; The founder of the “Facebook” social networking site, when he decided to use a paper book as a friend, preferring it to the application that brought him billions.

The book rebelled against the perfect life syndrome, which was painted by the world; In terms of the traditional lifestyle that dictates the features of ambition, success, wealth, and other things that all age groups in society seek to achieve.

When you see the book, you will realize that you are listening to a spark of enthusiasm and courage, mixed with sympathy, passion, fun and academic brilliance, as Brené Brown only wants you to be her friend, and to listen to what she has to say.

The author of the book was able to change the face of the best-selling game; As the book topped the copies sold, which reached more than two million copies, it has been translated into more than 30 different languages, while it was said to be “one of the five books that will really change your outlook on life.”

In the book, as in her conversations, the author does a really good job of combining humor and connecting facts, emphasizing that courage, compassion, and connection are all at the core of our ability to develop an innate sense of worthiness. While she divided it into 10 signs that you should strive to embrace; In order to direct you towards the highest level of freedom enjoyed by people of honesty and clarity.

The author of the book takes us through what she calls “dissociation”, to confronting the original self. This happens at a time when you can be challenged to let go of what you think you are supposed to be and helps you move forward to embrace your true identity.

Facing imperfection and difference

The cool thing about the book is that the author wants readers to face the fire of things they might not want to hear. So that they can bring about real change while presenting a theoretical and practical point of view to show courage and perseverance in feeling in general. It shows readers that they do not have to bear the shame, and that they can remove embarrassment from themselves because of not belonging to postulates, stressing that we should not continue to be busy and strive for perfection; Because it’s often not worth it.

Trying to keep our feet constantly on the changing shore as we gaze across the other side of the swamp – where merit awaits us – is a much harder job than walking across it.

The author leads by sharing many personal stories about how to find the journey to overcome the ideal life syndrome, and how to continue learning to overcome the feelings of inadequacy that society can engender by making incorrect judgments.

What is distinguished in the book is its adoption of an important principle, which is that feelings that are known – according to logic – are true, and maybe innate. It calls on us need to dig into ourselves; To embrace our exceptional ideas, and live our experience in life according to what we see, while arming ourselves with the best of skills, principles, science, and ethics.

The combination of scientific research, and the humor of the author’s stories, gives you the feeling that you are not the only stranger in this world. There are even some opinions that assert that this book is a cure, or a spiritual savior in the darkest of times – and then do not be surprised when you find yourself Laughing and crying at the same time.

In the end, the present time, more important than ever, makes us desperately need something that helps us understand ourselves better and develop our feelings for the better.

Thus, the book is an inspiring and honest guide to normal life. It shows you a path of self-help to overcome fear, strengthen a connection with the world, as well as continual personal growth, and support boundless love. The book leaves you as you read more lines and pages in a state of insight about the world, and about yourself that the world revolves around and not the other way around.

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