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Steps to take the right decision

We all make a number of decisions, day and night. Sometimes these decisions come from several previous or current situations.

For example, if you want to go to work, you have to put in your mind a number of decisions: When will I go? What am I going to wear? What should I do? These are normal daily decisions.

There are also some important decisions that need a more profound vision, for example, the decision to enter the university, the decision to work in a specific entity, or do a project, really needs correct decisions, which take longer in thinking about and time.

Because they are deep decisions, and they may be the ones shaping your next life. Among the most important steps that help to make the right decisions:

First: Know your primary goal of decision-making. One of the most effective decision-making strategies is knowing your goal; This simply means defining the purpose of your decision, by asking yourself, what exactly is the problem that needs to be solved? Why does this problem need to be solved?

Second: Don’t make a decision unless you have enough knowledge, and gather enough information; Especially those related to the issue in your hands.

Third: Set your expectations and consider the consequences of each decision before starting implementation. What will result from this decision? Are there serious consequences? What are the available alternatives to this decision?

At this stage, you have to issue the decision, but be flexible to amend if any problem occurs, be aware of the evaluation until you make a sound decision, and prepare yourself for other alternatives in the event that the decision fails.

Fourth: There is nothing wrong with consulting others. Especially if you encounter something that hinders your progress in making the right decision, consult with those with experience and those who are ready to provide advice.

Fifth: Put your decision into immediate action, and see the results. Realizing that if the first decision doesn’t work, you may have to go back to step three and choose another option. Get used to being flexible.

Khaled Saad is a strategic planning and performance management consultant accredited by the American Performance Institute and King Abdulaziz University

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