Smart Investor Program.. A Step Towards Promoting entrepreneurship among Youth

The Smart Investor Program seeks to teach entrepreneurship and promote a culture of self-employment but with a specific category: youth.

The novelty of this idea comes from the fact that it pays attention to the importance of empowering young people and youth in general, with the foundations and principles of self-employment, savings and financial planning, and other materials and ideas that will be seen by those participating in this program.

What is the Smart Investor Program?

The Smart Investor Program is a community awareness program that works to spread the culture of sound financial dealings among young people. This is particularly true in the age group between nine and fourteen. Students who are in the upper grades of the primary stage, as well as those in middle school.

The main task of the program is to transform the rules of correct financial transactions and positive behaviors in financial literacy into interactive materials for target groups.

This aims to establish a financially aware generation and prepare it for positive interaction with the community regarding financial transactions. In addition, it also educates students about everything related to financial transactions in daily life. The program teaches them how to manage and invest money, save money, and introduces them to the parties associated with financial transactions and their roles.

Among the tasks of the program is also to teach Islamic and moral values in the hearts of students regarding money and its rights and duties.

Program Goals

The objectives of the Smart Investor Program are as follows:

● Creating a financially conscious generation, and preparing it for positive interaction with society regarding financial transactions.

● Educate students about everything related to financial transactions in daily life.

● Introducing students to the principles of managing and investing money, and how to save.

● Introducing students to the relevant parties in financial transactions.

● Instilling Islamic and moral values in the hearts of students about money and its rights and duties.

● Providing students with the skills to deal with the purchase and consumption processes.

Target groups

The program targets the following groups:

● Primary school students.

● Middle school students.

● High school students.

● Parents.

● Teachers.

This is in all regions of the Kingdom.

What do you benefit from?
By participating and engaging in the activities of the Smart Investor Program, you will be able to learn about many financial concepts. In addition, you will be able to realize the importance of saving and investing, while acquiring knowledge of various financial planning concepts to make sound investment decisions.

It will also be possible to learn about the different methods of paying for financial transactions (cash, debit card, credit card, and checks).

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