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Saudi Arabia and the Future of Happiness

Global reports released in 2020 confirmed that Finland was ranked first globally on the list of the happiest peoples with a score of 7.809 out of 10 in a list of 153 Arab and global countries. Saudi Arabia was ranked 26th on the same list scoring 6.440 out of 10. All indicators show the people’s assessment of the quality of life within their state.

Concerning the well-being of life and the challenges facing people, each state has particular traditional way of life regardless of the disparity of individual classes. For example, the French people, ranked 23rd globally on the list of happiest peoples, have unity and strength despite the internal division and the presence of a large number of immigrants.

Miriam Krebs from the University of Nebraska-Omaha, says the view of a “unified territory (one land since the beginning of civilization) and a unified people” in France has put aside all the differences. The state did not classify persons according to their alleged racial origins. The French Constitution ensures the equality of all citizens before the law, without distinction of origin or race.

On the other hand, South Korea, whose people are genius and innovative, was ranked 61st globally in the quality of life assessment. We all recognize the privileges that this people possess from a knowledge culture and preparation for a promising future. The country has advanced in the mentioned sector, but the Korean people do not adequately meet their expectations of happiness. Korea has the highest suicide rate due to life stress, as well as low birth rates since working mothers shoulder the bulk of child-rearing responsibilities.

South Koreans are known to spend more hours at work than any other people. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), they work more than 50 hours a week. It is rare for 20% of the employees to get half of their assigned holidays.

Moreover, the low level of happiness of the African people, specifically in Burundi which ranked 149th among other peoples, is well known. The low level is due to the high rate of famine, poverty, and the brunt of the political sanctions that negatively affect the African people. As a result, happiness becomes a dream.

Gandhi says, “We strive for happiness and then we find it in the simplest things.” The well-being of the Finnish people despite the challenges of life is due to their endurance and patience; they believe that happiness is not about materialism but an emotional value summed up in the concept of “sisu”, a Finnish word meaning: special strength, persistent determination, resolve to continue and overcome adversity. It has become an integral part of the Finnish people’s identity.

Studies have shown that the primary motivation for building an individual’s quality of life is satisfaction followed by happiness. The level of satisfaction among people varies at different levels. As a result, satisfaction is interpreted in several ways.

For example, with mobility, development, economic prosperity, intellectual growth and social divergence, Saudi Arabia moved from 33rd position in 2018 to 27th position in 2020. The Kingdom advanced due to leadership empowerment, providing livelihoods, cultural development, people’s satisfaction and their approval of Vision 2030 success. All the above mentioned points support the sustainability of the quality of life and well-being that every individual deserves in the society.

Socially, the people of Saudi Arabia are fully loyal to their great nation; the bond among the members of the society is very strong and individuals have freedom to make decisions. Politically, our states’ wise leadership exert efforts to fight poverty, provide quality education so that its people enjoy good well-being.

Our great nation has launched initiatives for young people in the labour market to boost the Kingdom’s domestic and global output.

“Factors like: stress caused by lack of money, barriers to health care, lack of shelter and housing make us unhappy,” says Meik Wiking, a leading global expert in happiness sciences. The Kingdom is launching various projects that will make its people the happiest in the near future though there are some obstacles. Since we are an ambitious people having a great vision, we can overcome these obstacles and transform them into a wealth that will lay the foundation for future generations.

Being one of the young people who have seen the major changes in the Kingdom and have lived happily- which may perhaps be the ambition of many other young people in other countries- I believe that we are among the states having promising future in a world of transformation; we are the steering wheel of the upcoming advanced states. We keep dreaming of bright and happy days ahead. We expect that our nation will top the World Happiness Report rankings in the years to come.

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