Salma Halwani: Women’s entry into the labor market constituted a great economic diversification

By: Mohamed Elwany

Salma Halwani, Digital Marketing Consultant and Director of the Marketing Department at Smartech said that the fact that a woman is part of society means that she is a partner in managing society and carrying out its affairs.

She stressed that her instinctive role does not cancel her social role, in light of the growth and progress witnessed by the Arab countries; Especially Saudi Arabia, women need all the efforts and energies of society.

Salma added; In an exclusive interview with the Entrepreneurship KSA, the entry of women into the labor market constituted a great diversification in the economy and provided new opportunities for faltering growth.

When asked about the most important characteristic of Saudi and Arab entrepreneurs, Salma Halwani said: “Arab women entrepreneurs share different characteristics from women entrepreneurs in the world, due to the closeness of the environment in which they grew up, and the information they obtained.”

She pointed out that the most important characteristic of Arab women entrepreneurs is their different view of problems and solving them with innovative ideas that achieve high profits.
Regarding the most prominent obstacles that could face Saudi and Arab entrepreneurs, Salma Halawani said that the economic gap between men and women is still one of the biggest obstacles facing Arab women entrepreneurs.

She pointed out that the financial support part is one of the most important challenges facing the entrepreneur, such as the difficulty of finding investors or financiers for support at the beginning. These obstacles include the fact that entry of Arab women into the field of entrepreneurship is not widely accepted socially; Because of allegations of not balancing family and work responsibilities.

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