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On Sidelines of “Leap23”, Almakan and Vibes Merged to Enhance Entrepreneurship System

SPA — Concluded its activities here Thursday evening, the Global Tech Conference “Leap23” witnessed the announcement of the merger of Almakan and Vibes to become the largest co-working space network in the region.

The merger was announced in the presence of Riyad Hamad Al-Zamil, the Chairman of Almakan Board of Directors and Omar Ahmed Al-Shab’an, CEO of Almakan, in addition to Sultan Hasan Ghaznawi, the Chairman of the Vibes Board of Directors and Abdurrahman Ziyad Al-Sudairi, CEO of Vibe.

This merger aims to strengthen the entrepreneurship system and contribute to the self-sufficiency of society, through a facility that operates more than 20 joint workspaces in 8 cities around the Kingdom, and a pioneer network that includes more than 2,000 partners and clients from entrepreneurs, agencies from government and private sectors.

The merged company intends to expand its business by opening joint workspaces locally and regionally, in addition to developing a system of entrepreneurship support services.

Almakan and Vibes are among the pillars of the entrepreneurship system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and with their merger, they will have a more effective role in developing the entrepreneurship system in the region.

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