Marketing Corporate Achievements: Grooming and the Self-Image Industry

Marketing the achievements of companies is one of the clever methods used by seasoned marketers; To work on creating a positive self-image about the company, and strengthening its position in the market.

You can consider this style as a tool for a larger marketing purpose; The goal of marketing the achievements of companies is not just to promote the company, not even to create a good self-image of it, but to attract and attract new customers, and then enhance profit, that is the basic idea.

Rather, the issue of marketing the achievements of companies raises a wide range of questions. Will a potential customer become a permanent customer because of an award I won? Will they put achievement above other items like price, etc.? That is, does the customer overlook a high price because the company has received an award or achieved an achievement?

Maybe not. But just like a positive customer evaluation can tip the scales in your favor, so can marketing your company’s accomplishments. But this does not happen in a vacuum, but rather a great effort must be made to reach the desired goal.

“Entrepreneurship” Magazine monitors the ways of marketing the companies’ achievements, as follows:

Local newspapers and trade magazines value content provided by area businesses; Therefore, all you need to market the achievements of companies is an article that talks about the award or the achievement achieved by the company.

Make sure the article includes:


The honors organizer is usually open to making quotes about the award, how they made the selection process and why your company stood out. A quote like this gives your article credibility.


Photographs of the award or award ceremony personalize the achievement. In addition, people look at images and read headlines and captions more than they read an entire article.

Case Study Development

This is another way of marketing the achievements of companies; You have to make a case study about the company; Especially since buyers appreciate the information the case study provides.

Is the industry award-worthy; Where your product or process is recognized, identified as a case study, and you explain: How did you solve a problem or break new ground for the customer? Did it help increase brand awareness, improve return on investment, or reduce costs? Select the details and then move on.

A well-written case study as one way to market corporate achievements is effective both online and offline. This will affect your audience; By delivering it to them by email or newsletter or as part of a presentation.

Reuse of information

You wrote a great article – in an attempt to market the achievements of companies – so make sure it is available in all relevant channels.

For example, the content of the article should be displayed on your website; It’s easy to redirect your article or case study to a new web page or an extension of an existing page.

Then link the main points to other relevant web pages; To broaden the audience’s understanding and allow visitors to learn more about you. And be sure to include photos as well.

Use some content in your newsletter, and make sure to enable sharing on social media; To make it easier for your contacts to share information with others.

And don’t lose sight of posting on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media channels, while you’re immersed in probing ways to market companies’ accomplishments.

Depending on the type of award, social media is a popular outlet. Make sure the information is available for people to see in the places they frequent. Include a sentence or two about your capabilities with links back to your website.

Marketing accomplishments for companies allow you to show who you are so potential clients get an idea of ​​what you are up to.

Customer Generation

Profit is the ultimate goal not in the process of marketing corporate achievements but in the business itself; Hence increasing public awareness of the brand is positive. However, by enabling the lead generation component, you can maximize the benefit and monetization of your investment.

make it easy for a potential customer to contact you; By making your email address and phone number visible on all digital and analog materials.

Develop a custom page on your website; So that potential customers can easily request additional information. Having customers find a way to get a generic contact form will greatly reduce inquiries.

Finally, add powerful phrases that encourage the audience to take the next step. Do not do any of the above without assigning someone in your process to do the appropriate follow-up.

Marketing in the virtual world..the future begins now

Marketing in the virtual world is not virtual marketing so that you are aware of your matter and so as not to confuse these two limits, even if the first is more general and comprehensive, and it is not a marketing trend unlike the other, which is one of the trends/marketing terms that are spreading very widely, especially after The Corona pandemic has transformed the entire world into working and living completely virtual.

When we think of marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is usually traditional marketing methods such as television, radio, print, etc.

However, in the new millennium, marketing in the virtual world has become more and more present and used, especially with the advent of the Internet and mobile devices.

Marketing in the virtual world is a growing trend in the world of marketing, and it is an important way to reach customers who spend a lot of their time on the Internet.

Marketing in the virtual world is one of the most popular forms of marketing; It is rising in conjunction with the widespread use of social media across the world.

It relies on applying lessons from the real world and adapting what works in the real world to work in a virtual world.

Virtual worlds allow marketers to think beyond the physical and cost limitations of a real-world presentation.

Complex Process
Marketing in the virtual world is a complex process that requires attention to all aspects of the business; Successful marketing strategies in this environment require a clear understanding of how users interact with and perceive brands, as well as an effective plan to reach those users.

In addition, it is important to be aware of new technologies that are shaping user behavior and ensuring that your marketing campaigns reach the right people at the right time.

Virtual Reality Marketing

Now let’s get more specific, and touch on one of the most popular marketing trends today which is VR marketing, which includes brands that promote themselves and their products using virtual and augmented reality technology.

Technology creates an illusory but realistic environment (that is one of the most prominent features of marketing in the virtual world). Sometimes VR marketing is visual, sometimes it depends on more than just looking; A full VR headset, for example, provides a fully immersive experience, while the VR Instagram filter simply overlays objects or images on the camera view.

These filters are a type of augmented reality marketing, which is a type of virtual reality in which a virtual image is placed on top of the real world.

Augmented reality marketing is the most common type of virtual reality marketing, it’s more feasible and less expensive for many businesses.

Since augmented reality only requires a mobile or desktop app, it is easy for consumers to access as well.

The emergence of augmented reality (another marketing landmark in the virtual world) began with games such as the very popular Pokemon Go.

But brands are quickly starting to use technology in their marketing. Cosmetics company Sephora was one of the first to promote the commercialization of augmented reality through its Virtual Artist app.

Marketing uses in the virtual world

Through marketing in the virtual world, various methods can be used to market products or services online, including email marketing, social media campaigns, paid advertising on search engines and websites, or even content creation initiatives targeting specific niches within online communities.

Through marketing in the virtual world, companies can target customers who are interested in their products or services. Additionally, virtual marketing can help companies build better relationships with their customers. This can lead to more loyal customers and a better understanding of their needs.

No matter which method you use, VR marketing opens up new (and potentially less expensive) ways to interact with customers and increase brand awareness.

The future is now

Marketing the virtual world is not the future, it is the present. As early as 2018, 78% of people were familiar with VR technology. This number has been steadily rising since 2015.

As more brands are incorporating virtual reality (VR) into their marketing strategy.

Some use VR features in social apps, like Instagram, while others create custom apps, all of which means we’re moving more towards “virtualizing” marketing.

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