How to be a successful marketer?

It is not easy to answer the question: How to be a successful marketer in 2023? If it were released, it would be easier to answer the question. However, we limited the conversation to the year 2023. Therefore, we must not lose sight of the most prominent coordinates and developments that took place during the current year. Their effects are expected to continue in the next year.

It is true that marketers’ skills, in principle, will be the same, but these same marketers must hone their current skills and acquire new ones. For them to always win the fierce battle of winning consumers, they must always be prepared.

In “Entrepreneurship KSA” Magazine, we are trying to answer the question: How to be a successful marketer in 2023?

The answer will go: –

The feasibility of being on social media platforms

You should take a serious and contemplative pause on what you present on social media accounts, and determine the feasibility of that.

Many companies think they need to create accounts on every social platform while giving them all the same attention.

If your company thinks like this, you should evaluate the performance of each platform over the past year.
For example, if you’ve been tweeting through your company’s Twitter account constantly, but you haven’t seen any signs of growth, engagement, or sales from Twitter, it might be time to phase it out, redirect that energy, and focus on another platform that benefits your business.

It’s okay not to be everywhere at once and all the time.

Prioritizing the most appropriate platforms for your business can help you save time and energy in creating content that will be leveraged.

Content planning and video prioritization

Now that you’ve done your research and evaluated which platforms work best for your business, you can start planning your content for 2023, which is as pivotal as an answer to the question: How to be a successful marketer in 2023?

Your video content should be present and massive as part of your content planning. Every social media platform has the potential to post videos. With TikTok rapidly rising to become the most popular app, all other social media platforms are trying to follow suit.

On Instagram and Facebook, reels are pushed to users above all other types of content, and in 2023, we can expect this to continue. This year, overall, brands gained nearly 40% more engagement with reels on Instagram than with other posts.

Dealing with the mentality of the consumer

Many companies are missing out when it comes to successful social media, mainly because they treat it like traditional marketing, not from the user’s point of view.

Anyone on your team who has the potential to influence social media marketing should interact with social media in person daily.

You will never sell a product that you have not used yourself, and you can attest to its true value. Why create content if you are not a content consumer too?

When you use social media apps, you will not only keep up with the trends your company can follow; but also gain invaluable insights from your customer database by knowing how they interact with competitors or even other companies in different industries.

Don’t forget TikTok

TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users, and counting, with an average usage time of around 90 minutes per day. With impressive stats like these, it’s surprising that so many companies are slow to migrate to TikTok for their marketing efforts.

If you are convinced that the app is only used by teenagers, and you think that they are not your customers, then think again. While TikTok is a Gen-Z favorite, they aren’t the only users of the app. The vast majority (73%) of users are between 18 and 35 years old.

Users don’t just flock to TikTok for entertainment but also for learning and research. According to Google’s data, nearly half of Gen-Z use TikTok for searches instead of Google.

Just by being on TikTok your brand awareness can increase exponentially, bringing with it real and most valuable social listening.

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