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Devoting Attention to the Present Moment… How to Change your Future?

Devoting attention to the present is no longer the preoccupation of many millennials who are seeking to reconcile work and personal life. They are always overthinking – All of us are currently experiencing this phenomenon – they downplay the fundamental and important things that can change in the future.

Life is abundant with a lot of necessary and unnecessary events that can influence your daily decisions. The day you decide to relax you may be hit by a series of emergency events; while you plan to work hard, you find yourself in front of what may seem like cosmic plots to stop your torch of enthusiasm. Notably, many things blend with the saying: “Winds blow counter to what ships desire“.

The response was not strong enough to this famous saying; just like the ships sailing in the seas, they are in need a lot of diligence to pay attention to the present moment. The moment the storm strikes, you only need to focus on overcoming it. Any obstacle that stands in the way of your dreams must come to an end but you will only surmount it through perseverance to move beyond the present moment.

Paying attention to the present moment does not mean that you break with the past entirely and proceed to the future with all speed and recklessness. The present moment depends necessarily on the past, as well as on what is coming which will also depend on the near past.

After so many days, months, and years, you may realize that you have sacrificed so much for something, or a dream, or someone; sacrifice may be part of your personality without realizing it, but at the same time you kickstart yourself-discovery journey that may be lost due to painful situations or traumatic memories that have affected your life.

How to start the journey of devoting attention to the present?

“Do not make unhappy memories and an uncertain future spoil your present moment.” These words that seem exceptional in a famous Indian film may turn out to be a new page in your life book. You can turn the page of the past completely, and you can also write brief notes having lessons that you drew from various experiences. You can even decide to buy a new book and start from the first page.

Does life give you opportunities? The answer is based on psychology and sociology experts who are unanimous in their opinion – their unanimous view might be strange – that an individual has the ability to skip, abandon and cross safely into a new world by paying attention to the present.

In previous decades, entrepreneurs were not marking the World Week or International Day of their achievements, but it was their past that controlled their present moment. Hence, it became necessary for them to look with a smile – even if it was tough – at their past lives. All adversities can be overcome.

An Important Journey

Attention to the present depends primarily on holding the thread of the past and exerting efforts to plan for a bright future. You should, first of all, seek a good life which reflects the nature of your work and your ability to deal with people and other things. Now, have you realized what you need to stick to?

If the answer is “No” you can ponder on your past and enjoy your deep sadness as children, you can shed tears until your eyes swell or you can let out a laugh; As you prepare to pay attention to the present- we apologize if we will interfere in those very special moments, and tell you that it is high time to breath in fresh air or watch a new movie, or cherish a moment of childhood hope.

This is because deep grief can be easily forgotten. Paulo Coelho, the famous Brazilian novelist says: “If you must cry, cry like a child. You were once a child, and one of the first things you learned in life was to cry because crying is a part of life. Never forget that you are free and that showing your emotions is not shameful. Scream, sob loudly, and make as much noise as you like. Because that is how children cry, and they know the fastest way to put their hearts at ease. Have you ever noticed how children stop crying? They stop because something distracts them. Something calls them to the next adventure. Children stop crying very quickly. And that’s how it will be for you. But only if you can cry as children do.” 

If the answer to the previous question is “Yes”, we congratulate you. It is time to sever the tip of the thread with everything related to the past. Happiness or sadness is not part of reality, and in order to devote attention to the present, you must put everything aside.

Has someone blocked you from the social media site? Have you lost all your money? Were you about to grab the dream and later find yourself holding on to the illusion with all your strength?

You may be saddened by a treacherous friend, and you may be delighted by a new dream and a great hope for tomorrow. You may find yourself disappointed or in an ambitious meditation on a distant rock on the beach of life, watching everyone sighing with happiness, engaging in pointless arguments. Now you can ask yourself again: “Is all that really important?”, “Who are you anyway?”, “How can you pay attention to the present… Your present? “, “When can you get off the rock and live your life?”

Attention to the present is not only a means of overcoming the past. Rather, it is the way to survive by overcoming all obstacles; There is no choice; you only live once, and there is no need to look back at length, or look forward without devoting carefully to the path you are taking.

Finally, all the things that may come to your mind, whenever we mention the past or the future, you can forget them now, and devote attention to the present moment that enables you to go peacefully from despair to peace of mind and tranquility. This will make you see the beautiful sunrise after reaching your target and final destination.

Anxiety and doubt have affected individual experiences. Many people can lose their lives due to overthinking about the past or the future. Do not forget that your dark life will test your patience, and will surprise you with a new light in the tunnel; hence, have your eyes wide open to see clearly.


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