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Best Ways to Set up Ideal work environment at your Home


Although remote work was a rising trend before the terms “Quarantine” and “Social Distancing” were put into our current zeitgeist.


For many, however, 2020 will be remembered as the year their relationship with work changed forever, as thousands of companies decided to close their office space for good, opting instead to enter the future of remote workforce management.

 Employees who were accustomed to traditional offices are now looking forward to adjust their temporary home workspaces.

 The fact that a remote work model facilitates dedicated workspaces may be one reason why it boosts productivity and overall employee morale, and it is important to remember that the ideal home office setup will not look the same for everyone, as it depends on some factors, these factors are:-

  • The type of work you do.
  • The type of equipment you need is at hand.

Especially the perfect shape for you to achieve maximum productivity.


Luis Martinez, an Assistant Professor at the University Of Chicago Harris School Of Public Policy says:

“My first step when dealing with a new client is to understand their lifestyle and identify their specific needs, and the next step is to analyze the space in which we must work.”

It is worth noting that the work environment and general safety are of paramount importance when preparing the work environment.


What equipment do you work on regularly, and how much space does it take up?

This is perhaps the most important question to answer, whether you have a spare room or just a small corner to use as a home office:

Your first step will be to determine how much desk space you need to comfortably carry out your daily tasks once you have done so.


Be sure to consider what Martinez calls the “Breathing Room” around you as you “Need Enough Space to Move Around Your Work Area Comfortably”.

Not just for safety purposes, but because a cramped workspace can leave you feeling cramped and uninspired.” 

If your desk faces a wall, you’ll need plenty of space behind you.

Does your business include periodic video interviews?

If so, you’ll want to think about not only what you’ll look at when you sit down to work, but also the view behind you.

While funny Zoom backgrounds were briefly popular once working from home became a team experience for spring 2020.

It is time to intensify your professional background by avoiding windows and other light sources in the background that would obscure your image.

Instead, choose non-distracting images, such as a plant or a piece of art.

What time of the day during your work is the most productive?

For those who need a little more than their morning coffee to kick start their work, indirect sunlight can act as an ally to improve their mood and make them feel like they took the day.

Martinez says:

“Ideally, windows should face north or south, so that they can be opened without letting in direct sunlight.”

For those who work best at night, studies have shown that medium and cool lighting improve alertness, mood, and productivity:


But Beware:

Giving up your regular sleep hours for work is bad for your health when done in the long run, so try to do it.

What influences do you deal with at home?

Martinez says:


“There’s only so much interior design can do before tools and technology come in.”

He explains that noise-canceling headphones are a must-have for home workspaces.

As for keeping the warmest places in your home outside of work during business hours, he says defining your workspace with plants, screens, and other elements that create physical and psychological boundaries will help avoid distractions, as well as promote a sense of work-life balance.

What visual elements make you feel energized?

Martinez says:


“Depending on the mood the client wants for their space, it is always important to add some bold elements to their workspace, to indicate the difference between that area and the parts of the house that are entirely dedicated to leisure and comfort.”

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