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A strong, independent woman possesses awareness and responsibility: Psychology expert

By: Lamia Hassan

Dr. Eman Abdullah, a psychology expert, confirmed in an exclusive statement dedicated to “Entrepreneurship” magazine that the working woman is no longer in the struggle of her life for love or marriage, but rather that she values independence rather than submission.

Dr. Eman Abdullah

Unlike those who are naive and indifferent to others, she has a distinctive personality that constantly develops herself rather than being merely naive.

A woman’s life is no longer solely about love; rather, the importance of education and work has become a priority for her, as she overcame all obstacles to reach her ambitions, and showed the world that she is a mature individual with a correct mind, according to Dr. Eman.

The psychology expert stressed the strong, independent woman’s interest in herself.

“She is a wonderful mother because she has a tender heart. However, she also takes great pride in her delicate sense. This makes her a strong personality in society with a prominent role in society” Dr. Eman said.

Regarding the importance of work, Dr. Iman said that it creates a collective awareness in people that expresses the importance of life, noting that with work many new opportunities begin, which are based on several criteria of cooperation, competition, and highlighting energies.

“We now find ourselves facing women who are subject to the continuous hidden struggle for life and society, knowing that women entered the field of work as a result of the technological and ideological change that occurred in societies, and they also entered with economic, social and psychological motivations.” Dr. Eman added.

She pointed out that women work hard to achieve their ambitions, pride in themselves, and to have a sense of responsibility.

Moreover, women continue to do useful work that gave them a sense of social value. It can be achieved by effective communication in the work environment.

Psychologists attribute the success of many organizations and institutions to the role of women in them, which contributes to the morale of the employees.

A working woman is exposed to many obstacles and difficulties, being a wife, a mother, and a housewife. In addition, she is responsible for her family and her work. Despite these complicated tasks, she suffers from difficult social conditions as a result of these new conditions, in addition to a reassessment of human relationships.

The mother is required to be with the child in the first 3 years of his life. Moving away from her role leads to anxiety, insecurity, and confusion in the child.

The mother may feel – at times – guilt, because she is distracted between her family, her work, and the full fulfillment of her duties, and this is reflected in her behavior, according to Dr. Eman.

“Women do a very difficult job, starting with raising children, taking care of the house and husband, which requires effort, in addition to working constantly; to pursue her ambition; Everyone around her must come together to support her on this long road.” Dr. Eman concluded her remarks by advising all family members to take responsibility.

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