4 most important marketing services that can be provided to start-ups

We are in a time that depends heavily on the Internet and social networking applications to reach the largest number of target customers and achieve great profit and sales.

By relying on marketing companies to provide you with advertising and marketing solutions and services, you as a startup or entrepreneur can spread and market your product or service on a larger scale.

There is no person now who does not seek to expand more in his project, whatever its size and at a reasonable cost at the same time.

There are many marketing services that can be provided to start-up and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs to achieve the highest level of spread and promotion through the Internet.

Advantages of e-marketing

Ease of relying on marketing tools and methods to obtain accurate results when developing marketing plans or tracking the market, competitors, and others.

E-marketing also speeds up the spread of your products to the regions and categories you target.

Marketing methods are not expensive, unlike the old traditional marketing.

Buying and selling have become easier and faster through the click of a button on social media channels.

The ability to display products and goods in a distinctive and attractive way to urge customers to make a purchase.

Ease of interacting with customers easier than before, which enhances the relationship between the customer and the company.

The most important factors of e-marketing success

Ensure customer satisfaction, where customer satisfaction is represented in some important points such as the speed of response and response to the customer’s questions and providing him with the appropriate information for his needs.

The ability to keep abreast of the continuous changes in e-marketing, including new events, news and updates, that can reach the customer through simple content and seamless design.

With the ability to always renew and innovate, we have become at a time when many people have become imitators and are unable to create new ideas.

Rely on professional marketing tools to reach the best results.

Rely on the features of the product and try to highlight them attractively all the time.

Define marketing services

It is a set of services provided by professional marketing companies through specific mechanisms and standards to help you as an entrepreneur in knowing what is right for your company at the present time.

E-marketing has now become one of the most important tools for the spread of the product more than traditional marketing such as television or radio.

Entrepreneurs turned to e-marketing due to the speed and ease of extracting its results and the ability to study the market through simpler tools and criteria than before.

The 4 most important marketing services that can be provided to start-ups, medium-sized companies, and entrepreneurs

There are many marketing services that many startups and entrepreneurs need, especially at the beginning of their commercial or electronic projects. We list the most important of them: 

1- Develop executable marketing plans

Developing a marketing plan for your company is the mainstay and the first step to understanding the market or the field in which your company operates, in addition to knowing your competitors and their market share.

Determining the company’s goals and the most important resources and features it has to focus on during advertising campaigns.

Setting specific criteria for the target customers of your product or service.

Defining the tasks and duties of each individual within the company’s work team.

Analysis of competitors and their percentage of market share acquisition.

Determine a time frame for achieving that marketing plan.

Monitoring the movement of sales and developing methods to increase sales during the set plan.

Determining special marketing methods to implement the plan, whether by relying on the content, social networking sites, website, and blog.

Determine the budget for the marketing plan.

The importance of the marketing plan is due to the development of key points, most notably

-Activate your company’s domain traffic.

-Ease of evaluation and analysis of its results after the specified period of time.

-The ability to inject ideas and features that can take the company to higher levels of outreach.

-Advantages of having a marketing plan for the project

-Analyzing the general situation of the project by identifying the most important strengths and weaknesses through SWOT analysis.

-The ability to constantly measure results with the possibility of adjusting them when needed.

-Reach your target customers with ease.

-Getting to know competitors and studying the market closely.

2- Promotion through electronic content

Content promotion is one of the most important marketing services that can be provided to start-ups and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs.

There are many types of content that can be used to promote and market your company.

Content is everything that is written with the intention of promoting your own product or company.

The most important types of content:

-Video Marketing.

-Articles and blog posts.

-Infographics or graphs.

-Podcasts or audio content.


3- Marketing through social media applications

It is considered one of the most important marketing services that can be provided to start-up and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs.

It is relied upon due to its ease of spread, and its reasonable cost compared to other tools that can help you achieve electronic spread such as the website and others.

Marketing through social media applications and channels is done by developing a solid marketing plan to manage all channels, as there are also many supportive tools to easily manage applications such as Buffer, Hootsuite, and others.

Why should you use it for social media marketing?

Through social networking sites, a greater number of categories and regions can be reached with ease.

Ease of obtaining results through reports or following the audience’s interaction with the content.

It is one of the most important and least complicated techniques when considering displaying your products or merchandise.

Spread on a larger scale as a result of the multiplicity of age groups on those sites.

Attracting new customers and converting them into loyal customers.

Communicate quickly with clients.

The work is not only limited to social media marketing but also includes full account management.

Through the management of accounts, many services can be provided, including:

-Respond to customer messages and communicate with them.

-Respond to customer comments.

-Being keen on gaining the trust of customers to build strong and successful relationships.

-Follow up with customers from time to time, especially if the company offers competitive offers to its followers.

4- Having a complete visual identity

Any brand should have a visual identity that reflects the main purpose and value of having that product or service.

5- Visual identity term

Anything visual and visual that expresses the brand, whether through images, symbols or colors.

In addition to the auxiliary factors that highlight the visual identity of the company through the website, business cards, printed materials, and others.

The visual identity can be applied to many of the company’s means, including:

-Company employee uniforms and identification cards.

-The company’s vehicles as vehicles for transporting and distributing products.

-Product covers.

-The company’s official website.

-All social media channels.

-All the company’s publications including papers, notebooks and cards.

-With the term visual identity mentioned, we must refer to several important terms so as not to get confused between them

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